Your email is one of the most important business tools that you have. Why waste time sorting through spam or allow it to take up space on your server? Spam mail can even lead to breaches in security by collecting information and cookies as employees interact with them. Don’t put your data and business at risk by allowing phishing attempts, malware and viruses to accrue in your mailbox.

Professional Computer Support’s Email and Spam protection will safeguard you and your employees from all online attacks, filter spam to save you time and increase the usefulness of your email by customizing advanced features to fit your specific needs.

With Professional Computer Support’s Email and Spam Protection, you’ll receive:

  • Spam Filtering – Automatically filter unwelcomed emails. Decrease the number of emails you and your employees receive each day, reducing distractions and increasing productivity.
  • Accessibility – Increase your on-the-go productivity by securely accessing your data from any device.
  • Security Controls – Protect your email and data from all online threats. Do not let your email remain vulnerable to security breaches.
  • Improve your Email – Simplify and improve your system by utilizing a variety of search options, archiving emails and attachments, and by utilizing a number of other advanced configuration features.

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