As a non profit organization, you face financial challenges that for-profit companies do not. Your funds may be restricted, you may be required to fund projects through donations, and all major purchases have to be approved by the board. While other IT providers might say, "You need a new server, call us when you have the money," at Professional Computer Support, we look for creative solutions to solve the problem. Whether that means assisting with long-term IT planning and budgeting or acquiring grants and donations, we never abandon our clients.


Professional Computer Support’s Managed IT Services allow non profits to budget for their IT expenses for the entire fiscal year. For a low monthly fee, all of your IT services will be covered, and all within your budget.


Professional Computer Support's business planning includes infrastructure and budgeting services. Our President and IT technicians can redesign a non-profit’s IT infrastructure and network to increase efficiency and reduce costs (see our case study on the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation below for specific examples). To work with an organization's budgeting needs, we can design our recommendations to be implemented in phases, specifying which services and pieces of equipment necessitate immediate deployment and which can wait. If that doesn't work, we will research sources of funding to assist our clients with purchases.


Our President is an expert in the programs which support and subsidize non profit groups such as TechSoup, California Teleconnect Fund and the Tipping Point Foundation and can help guide you and your non-profit organization in the right direction. After deciding to apply for a grant, we manage the application components that require IT expertise, such as outlining infrastructure specifications. We often secure discounts from vendors for qualifying non profits, and our close relationships with industry leading vendors means that we can even receive equipment, applications and subscriptions for free! See our Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Cooperation case study below for specific examples.

Case Study
The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Cooperation (TNDC)

The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Cooperation is a valued client of Professional Computer Support. We believe in what they do and strive to manage their technology in such a way that strengthens the organization and minimizes deficiencies.

The following is a partial list of the services and projects we have completed for TNDC over the years:

  • We increased  their internet speed and reduced internet costs from $159/month to $89/month!
  • We upgraded them to Comcast fiber that operates at 100 Megabytes down and 100 Megabytes up AND we got the monthly costs subsidized at 50% by the TeleConnect fund.
  • We granted local users admin rights, eliminating Help Desk calls for updates, access to webinars and adding applications, which reduced employee downtime on a daily basis.
  • Using TechSoup grants, we provide roughly $30,000 worth of Cisco equipment for just $3,000, every two years!
  • We virtualized 15 servers using three Dell servers as host servers and the Microsoft Windows Hyper V. This allows for easy management, further reducing costs and the time previously spent managing those servers.
  • We obtained a donation from Microsoft for a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription for their business!
  • That Office 365 subscription saved TNDC $1,000 per month for Citrix GoToMeeting services by granting them ability to install Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business) for free!
  • We obtained a $30,000 grant from the Bothin Foundation to upgrade the offices to a new, state-of-the-art VoIP phone system.
  • We applied for, and won, a $250,000 grant from the CPUC to bring wireless internet to low income residents.

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