Planning a move for your office can be an overwhelming process and you need someone reliable to carefully relocate your IT infrastructure at an affordable cost, someone that can do it as soon as possible, after hours or over the weekend, and with a guarantee that your infrastructure will be protected at every step. Professional Computer Support has over 25 years of experience relocating company’s infrastructures with minimal downtime and no loss of data. We will create a detailed project plan that ensures your move is handled properly and efficiently at every step.

What’s more, our technicians are capable of handling most relocations in half or even a third of the time as other companies, saving you thousands of dollars! If we can’t finish the job in the amount of time quoted, then those additional hours are FREE.

Professional Computer Support’s Worry Free Office Relocation Services Will Handle Every Technology-Related Detail From Beginning To End, Including:

  • Moving after hours or on the weekend.
  • Purchasing all racks, cables, etc. required for your new server room.
  • Contacting your internet service provider to ensure that your company has the appropriate bandwidth for your business needs.
  • Coordinating with the facilities department in the new building.
  • Installing all equipment and testing it.
  • Reconcile any issues that may arise.

Contact Professional Computer Support today to plan your hassle free office relocation.