Accidents happen – your laptop could be stolen or your office could be damaged in a fire or an earthquake. Whatever happens, cloud backups are a surefire way to recover and restore all of your files and applications with minimal downtime.

Cloud backups store your data offsite on a server in a professional data center. As with other cloud-based services, cloud backup solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Before purchasing a cloud backup subscription, be sure to identify the range of existing features and prioritize which features you can and can’t live without.

Reduced Costs

Cloud backups are typically more cost effective than traditional backup solutions. Cloud backups do not require any hardware or software purchases on your part. What’s more, you won’t be required to monitor and maintain any software application or piece of hardware – your third-party vendor handles that.

Enterprise-Level Security

Although the level of security varies between cloud backup vendors, many vendors encrypt data both in transit and during storage. Some vendors go a step further, using blockchain technology to ensure that your backups haven’t been corrupted.