Cloud storage services host and maintain your data remotely, allowing users to access files from any physical location via the internet. These services provide a host of benefits, from reducing costs and eliminating downtime to protecting your company from data loss and security breaches.

Reduced Costs

Cloud storage services eliminate the need to purchase, install and maintain costly hardware such as servers. Transitioning to cloud services shifts the onus of maintenance from your company to your cloud-service providers. This not only eliminates on-going IT expenses, it eliminates downtime, thereby increasing productivity.

Backups and Cybersecurity

Cloud storage protects your company from data loss due to hardware failures, human error, natural disasters and more. These services vary in the levels of cybersecurity offerings; some services emphasize cybersecurity, while others might charge additional fees for enhanced security and backups.

Accessibility and Flexibility

With cloud storage, any of your employees can access files from any location. What’s more, cloud storage is accessible immediately after its uploaded -- there’s no need to wait for your devices to sync together. This eliminates a major nuisance when working across multiple platforms or collaborating with colleagues.

Fully Scalable

Finally, cloud storage options are fully scalable. Your company only pays for the storage you need. Services are easily expandable, so your data storage can grow with you.