Desktops, Laptops, and Handheld Devices

Managing an office full of computers is a lot of work. You need to keep track of who’s using what, how old each device is, when each device needs to be updated with work or anti-virus software, among other necessities. Not to mention that with enough users, one or more of your employees are bound to require technical assistance every day.

Professional Computer Support’s Managed IT Services take full responsibility for all of your end point devices. Whether its setting up a new computer or user, resolving recurring issues, or assisting users with software issues, PCS has you covered both onsite and remotely.

PCS End Point Support includes:

  • Setup and Installations
  • Managing Software Applications and Updates
  • Managing Anti-Virus Software, Patches, and Firewalls
  • Managing User Accounts and User Access to Files and Databases
  • Helpdesk and User Support
  • Recommendations for Purchases and Upgrades
  • Short- and Long-Term Infrastructure, Hardware and Business Planning, Budgeting and Phasing


Our helpdesk services assist your employees and other end users with any IT-related issue they may encounter. We offer a single point of contact for clients: with one email or phone call, your ticket is automatically created and assigned to one or more of our expert technicians. As our technicians work to resolve your issue, they will keep you up-to-date and notify you of any development that requires your attention.

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Remote and Onsite Support

We assist clients both remotely and onsite. Many issues can be resolved remotely, expediting issue resolution.