Even the best technology acts up, but you can’t have your employees bogged down every day with hardware and software issues. Our expert helpdesk technicians are ready to assist you 24/7. With remote access, we can resolve the vast majority of your issues immediately, without wasting time in transit.

Our Helpdesk Services are convenient and easy to use. Your employees simply call or email us directly with a simple description and we’ll take it from there.

24/7 Support • Onsite and Remote Support • Convenient and Easy-to-Use • Always Reliable

“PCS takes the worry out of experiencing any downtime from problems that may occur.”

“We had a horrible experience with our previous IT Company who overcharged us for equipment and never showed up. They had poor communication and we were very unhappy. We were very pleased to be connected with PCS and to switch to their services.

PCS responds so fast! We can call, email, text and use the helpdesk anytime and they are always there to help.

We switched from our hourly contract to the managed service contract. Now PCS manages and maintains all of our IT for a fixed price! PCS is AMAZING.”

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5 / 5 stars

Help Desk Communication Channels
Email Support

Emailing the help desk automatically generates a ticket and responds with a ticket number for reference. The assigned technician will begin working on your request and inform you when it is resolved. You may also forward emails and provide screenshots to assist the technician in troubleshooting and resolving your issue.  Although this method initially seems less direct than picking up the phone, many of our clients come to prefer emailing ticket requests once they experience its convenience and reliability.

Phone Support

Customers can also create tickets by calling our Helpdesk number and speaking with a technician or leaving a detailed message for our Auto Attendant. The next available technician will return your call with a ticket number and time estimate of when your request will be resolved.  

Remote Support

We can solve most issues remotely, eliminating the need for technicians to spend time in transit and reducing downtime for your employees.  

On-Site Support

Certain issues cannot be solved remotely, such as hardware related problems. In these cases, we’ll send one of our technicians reserved for onsite support. We have separate teams of technicians for remote and onsite support to ensure that we have the capacity to handle issues immediately and without advanced notice.  

Three Tiers of Support

Tier 1

Tier 1 is the initial support level responsible for basic issues. The first task at this level is to gather information from both the customer and device, analyze the symptoms and identify the root issue.  That way, we don’t try to solve for the symptom, but the problem, eliminating recurrences. 

We’ll gather information such as the error or warning message displayed on screen, screen shots, and action log.  This information is recorded into our issue tracking system and enables our technicians to identify trends and patterns to define the issue.

Once the root problem is identified, our technician can begin sorting through possible solutions. Our Tier 1 technicians will either resolve the issue immediately or escalate the ticket and the information they have gathered to our senior technicians for immediate attention. Our Level 1 techs solve 70-80% of inbound tickets without having to escalate the issue. This system reflects industry best practices: it streamlines the research portion of the process and allows senior technicians to focus their attentions on resolving more complex issues.

Tier II

Tier II provides a higher level of technical support than Tier I, and staffs more experienced technicians.  Our team of Level II technicians not only handle more complex issues, they review the work completed by Level I techs to ensure the highest level of technical and customer service. We leverage the specialized knowledge of our Tier II technicians every day to streamline processes and provide and double-check our work.

Tier III

Tier III offers the highest level of support in our three-tiered system and is responsible for resolving the most complex, difficult and advanced problems. Our best, most experienced technicians each have specializations and a depth of knowledge only gained by years or decades of experience. Our Tier III technicians employ the industry’s best practices in resolving issues, however they also develop solutions to new issues and problems without known solutions.

Our Tier III technicians work closely with Tier II to manage every tier of support and to ensure that time is sufficiently managed to stay within service level agreements.