Professional Computer Support employs technicians with expertise in every imaginable IT-related subject area. In fact, our high level of expertise is so renown throughout the greater Bay Area, that IT companies hire us to assist them in project planning and implementation.

Whether you’re looking to plan infrastructure and hardware improvements, or you’re looking for someone to carry out a pre-determined project, we have the experience and know-how to get the job done in a timely and professional manner. Our cost estimates guarantee prices for our clients, so if we take longer to complete a job than we quoted, those hours are free. This helps to hold us accountable while ensuring a high-quality of work.

Project Services

Maybe you have an in-house IT expert who handles your daily needs, but cannot complete a large project by him or herself. At times like these, Professional Computer Support is here to help.

Our project services can help you with any project you can dream of, including:

  • Office Relocation
  • Infrastructure Upgrades

Business and Infrastructure Planning

Poorly designed IT systems will impede your day-to-day operations and even the long-term success of your business. Everything from slow-internet to inefficient processes will manifest as constant disruptions. Our senior technicians will analyze your IT systems and develop recommendations to improve performance, capacity and security.

Although optimizing your IT systems seems intangible, our work translates into very real, and noticeable results. Our clients always report an increase in efficiency and productivity.

“PCS never abandons their clients.”

“Our infrastructure was so behind before we called PCS. We were unable at the point where spending no money on technology was unacceptable for the success of the business. PCS came in and said, ‘We are going to help you.’ PCS came in and did a total assessment and provided a comprehensive solution.

They gave us numerous options although we couldn’t afford them, so we discussed which services were the most important and which ones to invest in first. PCS donated spare equipment to make sure we were up to code and to save us money. Their corporate contacts donated other IT equipment.

Regular IT companies do not understand our needs. They come in and say, ‘You need a new server, call me when you have the money.’ IT companies won’t make any money off of us while they wait so they move on to the next customer. PCS says, ‘OK, let’s talk about when we can make this happen, let’s get you on the calendar and call back then.’”

Director of Finance and Administration
United Religions Initiative
Professional Computer Support
5 / 5 stars

Implementation: Budgeting and Phasing

PCS never abandons its clients. If you need new equipment or assistance implementing a project but cannot afford it, we’ll help you budget and phase items and tasks over an appropriate period of time. We can identify which of your needs are priorities and which can wait.  

Office Relocation

PCS has assisted local organizations to move offices for nearly 30 years. We’ll have you back up and running in no time, with no loss in data. Our office relocation services happen after-hours to minimize downtime.

“I needed help setting up my computers, internet and phone system in my new office and Professional Computer Support made the process easy.”

“They mapped out the plan and got everything up and running smoothly and quickly. They even ordered all the equipment I needed for me which saved me time and money. Dan and his team did an excellent job and would recommend them to anyone who has computer or tech problems that they need fixing or setting up.”

Owner and Head Chiropractor
SF Custom Chiropractic
Professional Computer Support
5 / 5 stars