With Professional Computer Support’s Managed IT Services, we take full responsibility for your IT systems and devices, so that you can focus on your mission.

We have teams of technicians whose sole focus is monitoring and managing your infrastructure and providing the highest level of user support.

Fully Scalable and Customizable
Whether your company simply needs proactive monitoring or a fully outsourced IT department, PCS works with you to create a customized service package with the exact level of service you require.

Our typical Managed IT Services package includes monitoring, management and helpdesk services, however some clients prefer to add or subtract services, such as adding advanced security solutions or project services.

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Unlimited Helpdesk Support
Superior Service for our Help Desk and Managed Services Customers

Our Helpdesk system is user-centered, providing a single point of contact for helpdesk inquiries and built-in flexibility for your convenience. The ease with which clients are able to submit tickets accelerates issue resolution.

Our Helpdesk uses an error-proof ticketing system that documents and tracks every step of the process, creating maximum transparency and exceptional customer service. This built-in automation eliminates human error and holds our technicians accountable.

We keep everyone on the same page, keeping you on track!

Our Help desk effectively performs multiple functions, resolving user issues and tracing symptoms to the source.

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Expertise Meets Best Practices
Our technicians’ high level of expertise makes a noticeable difference for our clients. We provide guidance about more than just end user computers and servers, we handle all aspects of business technology infrastructure, tools, and even policies and processes, such as security policies for employees.

We keep up-to-date with industry innovations and best practices, because you deserve the best guidance possible.

Our expertise enables us to use day-to-day activities such as monitoring to identify additional opportunities for service. This is one of the ways in which we are able to solve problems at the onset, without users experiencing disruptions.