Microsoft Office 365 provides access to Office applications, cloud email services, and a range of cloud-based business productivity tools, all accessible from any physical location via the internet. These tools assist in boosting collaboration, managing relationships with clients, creating email marketing campaigns, and sending invoices, to name a few.

Reduced Costs and Downtime

Office 365 eliminates the need to purchase, maintain and monitor your own servers. What’s more, Microsoft’s service level agreement promises 99.9 percent uptime, effectively eliminating downtime due to server issues.

Accessibility, Convenience, and Reliability

All of Office 365’s applications and features can be managed through an online portal. This allows you to access all of your applications and data from any physical location with internet access. These online services are compatible with practically any operating system, including Windows 7, Vista, Windows SX, and even Mac users with OS X 10.5 or 10.6. Additionally, Office 365 provides instant access to updates and bug fixes, meaning you don’t have to wait for Microsoft’s next product release.

Microsoft utilizes multiple datacenters and ensures enough redundancy so that if any data centers fail, your data is backed up and protected at a separate datacenter. Finally, Office 365 is fully scalable, allowing you to adjust your level of services as you grow.


Office 365 provides one, centralized platform for locating and sharing documents, forming groups and teams, and communicating through chat, voice and video. Its online products that enable these features include SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams. These products can be accessed from any device via your internet browser.


Microsoft ensures that Office 365 is compliant with international government and industry standards. Antivirus, anti-spam filtering and other security measures are included and kept up to date without any work on your part. Microsoft even goes a step further, encrypting your data in transit to keep your data safe and away from prying eyes. Added controls are available to increase the level of encryption and even to assist customers in complying with HIPAA and FERPA laws. Finally, Microsoft conducts proactive monitoring and security audits to identify and prevent security threats and vulnerabilities.