Our President and senior technicians specialize in providing IT services to nonprofits. With nearly 30 years’ experience working for nonprofit organizations, Dan Hernandez understands your fiscal challenges and IT and operational needs better than any other technical expert in the Greater Bay Area. From telecommunications systems that will enhance your ability to communicate with your stakeholders and streamline volunteer actions like phone banks, to grant, discount and donation acquisition services, Professional Computer Support has the experience and know-how to exceed your expectations.

Long-Term Budgeting
As a nonprofit, your financial management and budgeting processes create strict guidelines for determining operating and capital costs. More importantly, you have a fiduciary obligation to your donors, members and the communities you serve to operate responsibly and efficiently. Not only do our fixed-rate services allow you to budget all of your IT costs for 1-3 years in advance, we guarantee that we’ll reduce your IT costs as we optimize your systems, eliminate recurring issues, and address emergent issues.

Grant, Discount, and Donation Acquisition
Our President and staff are experts in the programs that support and subsidize nonprofits such as TechSoup, the California Teleconnect Fund, and the Tipping Point Foundation. We will help you select an appropriate grant and manage the application components that require IT expertise, such as outlining infrastructure specifications.

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As a nonprofit, you have more communication goals than simply maintaining effective internal, client, and marketing communications. As a representative of your community, you’re often the leader of community advocacy, education and organizing initiatives. This means that you’re juggling countless groups of stakeholders, including residents, government agencies, elected officials, local businesses, and social institutions, not to mention your volunteers and donors.

Meanwhile, you might have additional telecommunications needs depending on your mission and ongoing campaigns and programs. Perhaps you host events such as fundraising galas or phone banks; in either case, you’ll likely require unified communications systems that integrate voice, messaging, and email communications over multiple devices. These unified systems also allow advanced features aimed at streamlining operations and increasing productivity.

Your telecommunication needs depend on the type of services your organization provides, and that’s where PCS comes in. After auditing your IT and telecommunications systems and studying your nonprofit’s mission and operational needs, we’ll identify the level of telecommunications infrastructure that’s right for you and create recommendations, alternative recommendations, implementation and budgeting plans.

Database Management, Security and HIPAA Compliance
Organizations that work with confidential information are required to comply with security regulations, such as HIPAA. Is your nonprofit confident that your IT systems and processes are HIPAA compliant?

Complying with HIPAA requires utilizing a set of administrative policies and technologies to protect your data, user accounts, hardware, and network; such as two-factor authentication, setting up data loss prevention policies, and ensuring that only authorized and protected devices access your data.

Contact PCS today and we’ll review your IT systems to evaluate your compliance with HIPAA and propose recommendations that will strengthen your systems and streamline processes, saving you time and money.

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