“I’m a small organization with local clients. I’m not a target for data breaches.”

Myth - ONLY large businesses are targeted for data breaches.

20% Of small businesses will suffer a cyber breach this year.

81% Of all breaches happen to small and medium sized businesses.

95% Of all breaches are caused by human error.

97% Of breaches could have been prevented with today’s technology.

Sources: IBM Security Services 2014 and Verizon 2013

If you're like most small- and medium-sized business owners we speak with, you probably think your company can get by with minimal security measures. But the reality is that cybercriminals mostly target small- and medium- sized businesses, and traditional security measures such as firewalls, patches and antivirus software only cover 5% of the risk.

Data Breaches Are Expensive

Restoring data after a data breach or disaster is hugely expensive. A 2016 Ponemon Study found that the average cost of restoring a single record is $158, and the average cost of restoring a healthcare record is $355. This means that restoring ten records costs an average of $1,580 and restoring 100 records costs an average of $15,800. In addition, data breaches are known to damage the reputation of said company, resulting in a loss of customers and a decrease in customer acquisition. With these exorbitant costs, it's no wonder that a 2012 National Cyber Security Alliance Study found that 60% of Small Businesses Go Out of Business within 6 Months of a Data Breach.

Human Error

Employees make mistakes every day that jeopardize businesses. From losing phones and laptops to opening suspicious emails or giving sensitive information to duplicitous callers, employees are typically unprepared to handle security threats. Implementing basic security policies and a few employee training sessions can make a world's difference.

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